Friday, March 30, 2007

Helpdesk Video

This has got to be just about the funniest video of all time! (and a good test of my link from youtube to blogger)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is in the air

Planning a trip to the Memphis Botanic Gardens next weekend. I'm hoping to catch the end of the rose season and the beginning of the orchids.

It seems odd to be planning to go see flowers in Memphis when I'll be in Hawaii the next weekend. But I can't help them orchids.

Orissa, a White Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger
Originally uploaded by Frank Peters.
Last fall the Memphis Zoo added three new tiger cubs. By far the coolest was Orissa, a rare white tiger. In addition to being the coolest looking tiger I've ever seen, she's really fun to watch. She is constantly stalking her fellows, and pounces without warning whenever they aren't paying attention.


Originally uploaded by Frank Peters.
The Polar Bear exhibit at the Memphis Zoo includes a large glass panel where you can watch them swim and even get up close.

A young lady was right near the glass when she stopped to take a drink from this bottle. A passing bear became fascinated with it. He kept trying to reach it. When she put the bottle on the floor near the glass he would repeatedly dive, try to reach it, surface and try again. I got several pictures of him but I thought this one best captured the...longing that he seemed to have for it.