Wednesday, April 25, 2007


There are still active volcanoes and vents on the southern end of the Big Island of Hawaii.

This area is near their sulfur vents boardwalk. You look off through this lush tropical vegetation and all you can see is tendrils of "mist" from the lava vents throughout the area.

As you gaze you almost expect to see a T-Rex come lumbering out of the smoke.

Rocks flow like water

The Big Island is Hawaii's youngest and the only one that still has active volcanoes.

The island is a great study in contrasts. Much of the eastern coast looks much like you would expect...a rich tropical island full of vegetation. In contrast, most of the western coast is raw lava with little bits of scrub grass. Between is an area that is not unlike the midwestern US with sparse grasses and a few low trees.

The southern part of the island is where the active volcanoes are. There you have fields like this of fresh lava looking like it just cooled yesterday.

Home from the Sea

Not far from our hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii is a beach called Anaehoomalu Bay. Its a beautiful sand beach that (as so rarely happens) includes world class snorkeling along with great swimming.
And, being on the west coast, it also gets some great sunsets.

As we were relaxing on the beach enjoying the sunset these canoers came in from an afternoon of boating.

Wave after Wave

North of Helo, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a short scenic drive which includes Onomea Bay. If you follow the trail down into the bay you reach this tiny black stone beach. In the afternoon the waves pound into the beach one after the other after the other after the other, so frequently and so loud that you can hardly hear yourself think. I've never been truly afraid of water before but the forces at work in this little cove were awesome and intimidating.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kihei Beach Sunset

And the sun sets on our Maui stay - on to the Big Island next.

Palm Tree

Even some of the palm trees are different.


Amazing colors!!


Flowers are pretty but kinda odd on Maui too.

Water Lily

Water lilies are already blooming on Maui.

Palm Fruit

The Garden of Eden - along the road to Hana.

Maui coast near Hana

Along the winding road to Hana.


Windsurfing later on the same beach.

Surfer Dude!

Along the road to Hana.

We Were Here

We have several similar pictures taken along the coast of Norway several years ago.

Not many pictures today

We spent most of Saturday on a snorkeling trip - hope the under water pictures turn out - then drove along the north coast of Maui.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtles hang out near the harbor entry area.

Whale passing under our boat

The lady whale hid in the shadows of our boat for shade and to escape persistent male perusers.

Tail Slap

When the whale raises her tail she is going for a deeper dive.

Humpback Whale

On to Maui - We went whale watching our first day.


and the sun sets on our visit to Kauai.

More flowers on Kauai

Some of the flowers are very unusual.


The colors are so vivid!

Heart of Passion

Kauai - the flower island.

Waikiki Sunset

Old Glory

The flag from the Memorial.

Arizona Memorial

The Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor - The memorial is built over the sunken ship. The sailors that died that day remain entombed on the ship. Many of the survivors have been buried later with their ship mates.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Papali Pake (Chinaman's Hat)

According to Hawaiian legend, Mokoli'i is the tail of a nasty lizard slain by a god and thrown into the ocean. After the immigration of Chinese laborers it also came to be called Paple Pake (Chinamans Hat)

Sunset beach

The waves were high and swimming dangerous at Sunset Beach Saturday afternoon.

Flower at Byodo-in Temple

Sample of the blooms around the Temple


Goose visiting the koi pond at the Byodo-in Temple

Byodo-in Temple

Byodo-in Temple is the center piece of the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. You ring a gong prior to entering, then visit the Buddha inside. The grounds have several Koi ponds, flowering plants, and different birds. Beautiful and peaceful.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunset over Waikiki

Most of the day was spent on the always pleasant experience of flying. About all we had time for after arriving was finding our hotel, getting checked out and finding a spot to see my very first Hawaiian sunset.


We have arrived!! Starting our Hawaiian vacation.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Helpdesk Video

This has got to be just about the funniest video of all time! (and a good test of my link from youtube to blogger)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is in the air

Planning a trip to the Memphis Botanic Gardens next weekend. I'm hoping to catch the end of the rose season and the beginning of the orchids.

It seems odd to be planning to go see flowers in Memphis when I'll be in Hawaii the next weekend. But I can't help them orchids.

Orissa, a White Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger
Originally uploaded by Frank Peters.
Last fall the Memphis Zoo added three new tiger cubs. By far the coolest was Orissa, a rare white tiger. In addition to being the coolest looking tiger I've ever seen, she's really fun to watch. She is constantly stalking her fellows, and pounces without warning whenever they aren't paying attention.


Originally uploaded by Frank Peters.
The Polar Bear exhibit at the Memphis Zoo includes a large glass panel where you can watch them swim and even get up close.

A young lady was right near the glass when she stopped to take a drink from this bottle. A passing bear became fascinated with it. He kept trying to reach it. When she put the bottle on the floor near the glass he would repeatedly dive, try to reach it, surface and try again. I got several pictures of him but I thought this one best captured the...longing that he seemed to have for it.